Digital Marketing is the term used to identify all actions aimed at marketing goods or services, using digital channels and tools such as the web and any support based on digital technology such as smartphones.

The Digital Marketing can be considered the web and digital part of a marketing strategy , useful for companies to promote their products, increase customers and strengthen their brands, not only with advertising traditional defined (Tv, Paper); but also with a series of actions that exploit these technologies.

Some of the activities that are related to digital marketing are, for example,  search engine marketing (SEM) ,  social media marketing (SMM) , content marketing , email marketing and proximity marketing. 

Each of these internet marketing activities includes a series of activities, which if carried out correctly can guarantee a positive image return to any company, and consequently the increase in company turnover and easier programming of future production activities.

To facilitate the task of anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing, we create and publish monthly new content and informative articles for each individual digital marketing activity. To explore more specific topics of digital marketing, you can choose from the following categories of interest:

  • Web Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand management
  • Mobile Marketing

Or if you want to create promotional campaigns using the potential of offline advertising you can start reading from here. Here we talk more specifically about digital marketing by making the distinction between channels and tools.


Web Marketing

We have previously read that digital marketing is composed of activities that take place through technological tools and web channels . Following this distinction we can state that when we talk about web channels in terms of digital marketing we refer to Web Marketing and all the activities that this science contains. With Web Marketing, a company, using the Internet, studies and analyzes the behavior of the market and designs and develops promotion strategies to create business relationships to sell their products more easily. Among the most well-known web marketing activities used by companies for their online promotion we find:

  • SEO  (Search engine optimization)
  • SEM (Search engine marketing)
  • SMM (social media marketing)
  • Content marketing


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most direct business promotions that exist in the corporate advertising landscape. A direct marketing that sees e-mail messages being at the center of communication with the final user, to promote through automated processes or not, goods or services or simply to increase brand awareness.

It is due to an email marketing campaign (DEM), any email sent to customers and potential buyers able to acquire new customers, retain others or convince the previous ones to immediately purchase a product or service. There are clear regulations regarding email marketing, all aimed at protecting privacy and preventing fraudulent actions against unsuspecting users contacted via their email address .

Brand management online

The association of the words brand and management indicates the set of marketing techniques applied to a product, an entire product line or to the entire brand . The aim of brand management is to increase the value of a product in the perception of the final consumer . The brand management  can be defined as a process in which those who work in marketing tries to give an implicit message to the end user, which includes every single communication. In this age made of digital and internet , it is logical and proper to talk about brand management online and bring these activities back to those of digital marketing.. If you are interested in learning more about the brand online topic, you can follow one of the following links:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Positioning

Mobile marketing

We have said several times that digital marketing can be differentiated according to the channels or tools used to promote business. Mobile marketing is to be considered the set of activities aimed at promoting a company, exploiting the potential of mobile devices. One of the first company promotions that has been implemented by companies is that which sees the sending of text messages via telephony (SMS). Over the years, and following the uses of users all over the world, operators who offer advertising through mobile marketing, have been able to ascertain that by now consumers are constantly connected to the web with a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet) . Also the top players of the web Google and Facebook, followed closely by all the others, have started to invest so that their platforms are increasingly optimized for mobile . This is why after the birth of the SMS (Short Message Service) service, useful web marketing services were born.

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