The  seo consultant  is an operator in the seo sector , one of the  possible web marketing activities  to promote a company. the job of a seo consultant is to optimize the web pages of a site, to ensure that they are better understood and scanned by search engine spiders. A  consultant seo unlike other professionals , must possess different types of knowledge, from humanistic to computer science, but above all a seo specialist, must have experience in every kind of situation that can be envisaged in the optimization and analysis phase  seo . In this article we want to talk about what this professional does, how he chooses and what he can guarantee.

There are many variables that can come into play in the drafting of a project aimed at optimizing a sitoweb, and even more so are those that come into play during the course of work. In our opinion, the seo is not an exact science, but there are thanks to older experts seo, many notions that if followed certainly facilitate the task of  less expert seo .

A  seo advice  is not a practice to be taken lightly, rather we must try to be more profound in the analysis of sitiweb, taking advantage of what we have previously mentioned … the experience.

A seo consultancy is an activity that must be personalized to be successful, of course, there are points in the drafting of the project that are common in every  seo project , but are more or less related to macro-areas of operation, the more we enter into detail by studying the market and more these common points become labile.


What does seo mean?

Let's take a step back, we started to describe who is the seo consultant and then we will go further into what is its operation, how much it costs, what it can guarantee and how to choose it. Now let's understand first what the seo is.

SEO. three letters representing the initials of Search Engine Optimization (In Italian Search Engine Optimization). Optimizing a website for search engines means making its structure more understandable to the search engine spider that scans it according to the Crawl Budget assigned . To optimize a site and then practice the seo, you have to complete a series of operations both on the code side (html, php, script etc etc), on the site's navigation structure, as well as on the textual and content part.

Optimizing a website by making it as it is called in seo friendly jargon, helps to scale the indexes of the search engines, finding itself in a position ahead of the competition. The seo is recognized by Google, as a very useful activity to be able to offer its users in the top positions content and websites that can really be useful and that respond correctly to the intentions of research.


What does a seo consultant do?

A  search engine optimization expert  usually does the work by following these steps:

  • Analysis of the current optimization status
  • Analysis of the market and competitors segment
  • Monitoring of any penalties received
  • Analysis of backlinks obtained over time from the site
  • Search for the keywords most relevant to the type of business ( keyword research )
  • Naturalness of that determined serp of Google
  • Analysis of users' search intentions
  • Control of the server functionality where the website is located
  • On-site optimization on the code and text side
  • Analysis of onsite analytical factors (analytics and Google webmaster tools)

We stop here … not because the operational phase of a seo consists only in this, but we wanted to make a list of operations simply to better understand what consists of the activity of a consultant seo summarily.

Many think that the actions done following a seo analysis ( link building  to increase link popularity and writing seo oriented texts among all) are the only operations that are able to scale the serp to a website and above all are the only activities which carries out a seo specialist. This thought is wrong because in the second phase of the work, the one that follows the analysis and the keyword research, the work to be done is a rich daily diativity of re-optimization, monitoring and study. A consultant seo knows well instead that the boring one (for some) and meticulous initial analysis, is the extra weapon that can make a website lean towards the success or the failure.


How to choose a seo consultant?

As in any work there are those who can be better and less good, lucky and less fortunate, expert and less experienced, but unlike other professionals, the figure seo can not be compared with the same canons. While for a journalist, you can read and critically evaluate your publications and then exploit a portfolio of previous news, a seo consultant should be contacted only by people who have basic knowledge on the subject.

The first advice that we offer on how to choose an expert seo who is curious about the optimization of their website, is to get it contacted by their web marketing manager, or by a person who, as we said a moment ago, already familiar with this matter. If you do not have a web marketing manager as a corporate figure then you will need to educate yourself personally, buying books and courses that will certainly give you the mastery, experience and the skills of an expert seo consultant, but you can certainly understand who he is talking to you is a capable person who knows what he is talking to you.

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