Not all people know the technical terms related to this tool to promote websites on Google and so we write this large paragraph to explain the seo in a simple way , so that even a child or an untrained person on the web, can easily understand 'is and what is search engine optimization for?

Anyone at any time of the day, feels the need to find an answer to doubts that arise. The answers that Google can provide are much larger than a simple and now outclassed encyclopedia, because Google can provide not only informative, but also commercial answers. Finding answers to the many daily questions by querying the search engine is now a way of life. In the 80s when a doubt arose, the encyclopaedia was consulted, today instinctively we search the web for any kind of answer. Google and all the search engines, therefore, are real encyclopaedias free and always updated with new content, and if you combine these two features also ease of access due to smartphone devices, you can understand why Google has become one of the largest companies in the world. In fact, any individual in any part of the world, at any time of the day, just access their smartphone text or verbatim the question, that the search engine returns every resource contained in its database that has content relevant to the search intent user.

When this process is implemented, it means that we expect a response from the search engine, and what anyone expects is to immediately find the best and most relevant answer to their question. Now it is customary to expect a multiple response from the search engine, to be able to browse the different resources in the returned list, looking for the most useful source to answer our question and that's what actually happens.

For example, looking for a B & B in Fuorigrotta, the expressed desire is to receive all the useful information regarding that type of hotel and in that specific geographical area. Google knows it well, and a question like that will never answer returning a hotel in Bergamo, but listing all the B & Bs that are located in Fuorigrotta. In addition, to give a wider response to the user who performs such research, Google offers the information in several ways to form an index that will offer the opportunity to find information resources to inquire about address, telephone numbers, prices charged, moments of increased influx, hours opening and closing, reviews of other customers services offered, and related news.

Google to provide such relevant answers needs to store data, and thanks to many internal factors of calculation, catalog and classify them by returning this information in a ranking that goes from the best and most relevant result to the last.

Doing seo therefore means offering Google (to search engines), in the best possible way these data in the form of content (text, images, videos, personal data) making sure that they are reputed by the calculations of the search engine, such as the most relevant to relevant research.

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